Something Wicked

22204-cover-200x280An extract from ‘One Last Binge’, by Sarah Lotz, first published in Something Wicked Issue Eight

I’m late again, but Theo’s saved me a chair next to him. As he waves me over I can clearly make out the dark half-moons spreading across the underarms of his Eminem T-shirt. Theo’s permanently sweaty. We all are. Even though the temperature outside is a bollock-freezing below zero, the heating in this room is turned right down.
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22200-coverAn extract from ‘an Eye for an Eye’ by Sarah Lotz, featured in Something Wicked Issue Four

By lunchtime we still haven’t decided what to do. We’re sitting round the kitchen table, watching our coffee get colder.
“I still think we should phone the cops,” I say.
Kevin peers up at me blearily. He looks worse than usual. His face is sweaty and haggard; his eyes red-rimmed. The fag he’s trying to smoke jitters in his trembling fingers. Since we made our grisly discovery this morning, he’s puffed his way through at least half a pack of Camels.

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SW01 - Oct 2006 - Cover Art by Vincent SammySarah Lotz’s award-winning short story was first published in the debut issue of South African Spec-Fic magazine, Something Wicked.
The complete story is available to read from the Something Wicked website.

As usual the drone of the cricket commentary was floating through the study door. He didn’t hear my approach in time to erase the lurid picture splayed across the widescreen of his laptop. I caught a glimpse of ample naked flesh and blond hair before he flicked on the screen-saver.
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