Short Stories by SL Grey

S.L Grey has published various short stories. You can find them in these collections:

END+OF+THE+ROAD “Bingo”, was included in the Solaris collection, End of the Road, which came out in December 2013.
In a comprehensive review, calls it “absolutely brutal”. (We’ll be back to the satirical laughs in future pieces, promise!)A Fantastical Librarian called “Bingo” an “effective blend of horror and fascination … packed with social commentary” Full review here.
LowestHeavenCover “We’ll Always be Here”, is our twist on Pluto and Charon for the spectacular science-fiction collection, The Lowest Heaven, published by Jurassic London. Released July 2013. You can hear a free podcast of this story, beautifully read by Kim Lakin-Smith.A Fantastical Librarian highlighted the story for special praise: “I loved S.L. Grey’s We’ll Always Be Here … for the complicated love/hate relationship between Pluto and Sharon … I found it tragic and quite a deft social commentary.” Full review here.Meanwhile, Staffer’s Book Review says of “We’ll Always Be Here”, “I would be willing to buy the entire book for this one story alone.” Full review here.Click here for more information, and details on where to get it.
Still_cover_web_small “Still”, appeared in the beautiful photography-fiction collection and Saboteur-award runner-up, Still: Short Stories Inspired by Photographs of Vacated Places, put together by photographer Roelof Bakker at Negative Press.Click here for more information, and details on where to get it.
appears in Pandemonium: Stories of the Apocalypse, published by Jurassic London. It was released in a limited edition in 2011 and is now a prized collector’s item.You can still read about it here, though.