Books by Sarah Lotz

Missing Person
ISBN: 9781473624627

Reclusive Irish bookseller Shaun Ryan has always believed that his older brother, Teddy, died in a car accident. It’s only on his mother’s deathbed that he learns the truth: Teddy, who was gay, fled the Catholic, deeply conservative County Wicklow for New York decades earlier. Shaun finds no sign of him in New York or anywhere else–until he comes across an unsolved murder of a John Doe whose description matches Teddy’s.
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The White Road
ISBN: 9781473624573

WhiteRoadCoverUK Adrenaline-junky Simon Newman sneaks onto private land to explore a dangerous cave in Wales with a strange man he’s met online. But Simon gets more than he bargained for when the expedition goes horribly wrong. Simon emerges, the only survivor, after a rainstorm trap the two in the cave. Simon thinks he’s had a lucky escape.And Simon’s luck is about to run out.

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Day Four
ISBN: 9781444775365


Four planes. Three survivors. One message. It seemed like the end of the world… but it wasn’t. This, however, just might be.

The extraordinary, unforgettable sequel to THE THREE

Four days into a five day singles cruise on the Gulf of Mexico, the ageing ship Beautiful Dreamer stops dead in the water. With no electricity and no cellular signals, the passengers and crew have no way to call for help.
When the body of a woman is discovered in her cabin the passengers start to panic. There’s a murderer on board the Beautiful Dreamer… and maybe something worse.

THE THREE is really wonderful, a mix of Michael Crichton and Shirley Jackson. Hard to put down and vastly entertaining.’   – Stephen King

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The Three
ISBN: 9781444770360


They’re here … The boy. The boy watch the boy watch the dead people oh Lordy there’s so many … They’re coming for me now. We’re all going soon. All of us. Pastor Len warn them that the boy he’s not to —

 – The last words of Pamela May Donald (1961 – 2012)

‘A natural-born storyteller. Like the hand reaching up from the dark well, she’ll drag you into her thrall. You’ll come up gasping.’ – Lauren Buekes

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Tooth And Nailed
ISBN: 9780143026341


Georgie Allen – Cape Town’s most down-at-heel lawyer – is back, and this time he’s …Well, actually, he’s doing just fine. That is if fine can be classified as spending your evenings in front of the TV with a scruffy mongrel called Exhibit A, looking for love on and ordering takeout from Mr Delivery.

‘A natural-born storyteller. Like the hand reaching up from the dark well, she’ll drag you into her thrall. You’ll come up gasping.’ – Lauren Buekes

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Exhibit A
ISBN: 9780143025726


Georgie Allen, Cape Town’s worst-dressed lawyer-cum-used-car-dealer-cum-caffeine addict, has a lot on his plate. Saddled with a skedonk of a car, a case file full of no-hopers, and a bitter ex who’s out for revenge, the last thing he needs is to take on another pro bono case.

‘A natural-born storyteller. Like the hand reaching up from the dark well, she’ll drag you into her thrall. You’ll come up gasping.’ – Lauren Buekes

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Pompidou Posse
ISBN: 9780143025719


It’s the late 80s and British teenagers Vicki and Sage go on the run in Paris after burning down their art school pottery shed. Penniless, homeless, and worst of all, out of cigarettes, it isn’t long before they find themselves living on the streets.

‘A harrowing, painful and hysterical book with characters that leap off the page and stink up your room. A triumph of a debut novel.’ – Joe Vaz

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Books by Sarah & Savannah Lotz writing as Lily Herne:

Deadlands-LilyHerne.jpg DeathofaSaint-LilyHerne ArmyoftheLost-LilyHerne LilyHerne-AshRemains

Ten years after Cape Town was destroyed in the War with the living dead, zombies ramble free in Cape Town’s suburbs (known as the Deadlands), and the remaining living are corralled in fenced agricultural and city shantytowns.

The living are watched over by the mysteriously robed Guardians, a race of humanoid figures who appeared at the end of the War and who keep the living dead at bay, albeit for a steep price. Every year the Guardians stage a human Lottery, picking five teenagers to be whisked out of the enclave for a secret purpose.

Books by Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg writing as S.L. Grey:

mallpb250 ward250 newgirl250

The gripping and terrifying ‘Downside Trio’.

The Mall
“One of the cleverest, creepiest and most memorable horror novels for ages … a masterful debut.” – David Barnett, The Independent
“Deliciously evil” – Alison Flood, The Guardian

The Ward
“Equals – if not trumps – the disturbing, creepy horror of their first” The Independent, 2012 Books of the Year

The New Girl
“A surprisingly funny, deeply weird horror novel … genuinely fresh” – SFX


Under Ground
“SL Grey have done it again. Under Ground is a tough read, as one has come to expect from SL Grey, but fantastically paced. It is gripping and intense and a hell of a page-turner.” – Joe Vaz, Something Wicked


The Apartment
“A haunting and riveting thriller about a troubled married couple whose vacation leads them into a nightmare.

Deftly weaving together two complex and compelling narrators, S.L. Grey builds an intimate and chilling novel of a disintegrating marriage in the wake of a very real trauma. The Apartment is a terrifying tour-de-force of horror, psychological thrills, and haunting suspense.”

Books by Sarah Lotz, Helen Moffat and Paige Nick writing as Helena S. Paige:

Girl Waks Into a Bar-cover Girl Walks into a Wedding-cover

How will your night out end?

You make the rules.

You’re at one of the hottest bars in town, all dressed up for a fabulous girls’ night out with your best friend, when she cancels. What do you do now?

In this novel, YOU make the decisions.

Will you do body shots with a rock star? Cozy up to the hot bartender? Follow a mysterious woman to a rather unusual exhibition? Investigate a suave millionaire’s box of tricks? Take a joyride with a buff bodyguard? Or maybe what you want is closer to home than you realize. . . .

So many options. . . . All you have to do is choose.