Alan Kelly

Mulholland Books (available September 2019) have put together a Which Amateur Sleuth Are You? Quiz! ahead of the publication of Missing Person. The novel follows a group of amateur detectives infiltrated by the sadistic killer whose crimes they’re investigating. What would you do if a relative you thought had died in an accident actually ran away? After investigating, you learn he was actually the victim of an infamous murder case dubbed “The Boy in the Dress.” When a group of amateur sleuths who contribute to a missing person website called Missing-Linc offer to help you investigate, would you be able to resist? Find out here:

Hey everyone! ┬áHere is a list of the dates, times, and locations I’ll be in the US for various book events and signings. Please feel free to drop by, say hi or throw something at me (No, not really. Unless it’s cake. You can definitely throw cake)!

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