SW01 - Oct 2006 - Cover Art by Vincent SammySarah Lotz’s award-winning short story was first published in the debut issue of South African Spec-Fic magazine, Something Wicked.
The complete story is available to read from the Something Wicked website.

As usual the drone of the cricket commentary was floating through the study door. He didn’t hear my approach in time to erase the lurid picture splayed across the widescreen of his laptop. I caught a glimpse of ample naked flesh and blond hair before he flicked on the screen-saver.

“Can’t you knock?” he snapped. In true Graham fashion he looked angry rather than guilty.
“I didn’t know you were… busy,” I said, somewhat snidely. But I hadn’t come for a fight. “I’ve got some bad news.”
“What?” he said irritably.
“Jackie and Peter have invited themselves for dinner next week.”
“Not that bitch and the crashing bore! Again? Couldn’t you think of an excuse?”
I sighed. “Well, you used to work with her, not me.” I wandered over to the office window. It had the best view of the garden. I peered down. I didn’t say anything else for a few seconds.
“What you looking at?” he lumbered up to where I was standing. He smelled stale, like old socks. He was wearing his habitual scruffy ‘writing’ clothes again. “Don’t tell me. It’s the bloody Zombie again isn’t it?”

You can read the complete story on the Something Wicked site.
Or purchase the eBook of Something Wicked Issue One

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